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EPCM project for Jyväskylä Energy Group

MAB Powertec is currently coordinating an EPCM project for Jyväskylä Energy Group. The aim of this project is to modernise fuel handling at Rauhalahti and Savela power plants as well as Kuokkala and Varikko heat plants.

The project consists of the modernisation of oil tanks, oil handling systems, storage areas and points of discharge. As an EPCM project we coordinate all design, procurement and construction work and provide site supervision ensuring the project is completed to a high standard.

The work takes into account:

  • emissions regulations
  • regulations concerning the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals
  • environmental law related issues
  • regulations concerning chemicals
  • the Emissions from Storage from the BAT reference documents ( Tank bunds and liner systems)
  • standard SFS 3350:2016, concerning the storage and handling of flammable fluids

The EPCM service provided by MAB Powertec (planning, project management, tendering and monitoring) is an overall package. We are responsible for project management (project manager services), tendering of procurements, and site supervision.

For more information contact: Marko Borg, +358 40 556 1067



Project Management for Lempäälän Energia

Lempäälän Energia is building a new heat plant (7MW) in Lempäälä.

Our service for the project includes project management, engineering, site supervision and consulting.

For more about the project contact Marko Borg, +358 40 5561 067

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Expert services for multiple power and heating plants regarding environmental legislation and its regulations

Reports conducted by MAB Powertec contain an extensive study on environmental legislation and its regulations regarding e.g. fuel handling at a site. Based on a preliminary study, new fuel and hazardous chemical handling and fueling stations are designed to suit the current legislation.

MAB Powertec experts also act as project managers at multiple sites ensuring a cost-effective and high quality completion of a project.

Some of our customers: Adven Oy, Haapajärven Lämpö, Jyväskylä Energy Group, Kannuksen Kaukolämpö, Kauhajoen Lämpöhuolto, Kurikan Kaukolämpö, Polvijärven Kunta and Salon Energiantuotanto.

For more on our environmental services contact Markus Merta +358 40 7738 758




Project Manager for Environmental Projects

Project and environmental know-how for Adven Oy. MAB Powertec is responsible for managing environmental management projects.

Our project manager is responsible for project implementation according to plans and budget. At the same time, we will also investigate the necessary modifications of the PIPO regulation of several sites for oil storage and filling stations.

For more information: Meri Bergholm +358404838284


More information about Adven click here.



Environmental work for Salo district heating plants

750/2013 (so-called PIPO – regulation) for plants under 50MWth.

MAB Powertec has made several plans to fulfill this national requirement by the end of 2017 with cost-effective solutions. Engineering has now started for several district heating plants in Salo.

For more information contact Markus Merta, +35840 7738 758.


Environmental know-how for Elenia Lämpö Laukaa and Heinola plants

750/2013 (so-called PIPO – regulation) for plants under 50MWth has creatd many challenges for companies to meet this national requirement. MAB Powertec has made several reports to fulfill regulations with cost-effective solutions, also for Elenia Lämpö Laukaa and Heinola plants.





Project feasibility planning for Haapajärven Lämpö

Our aim is “to ensure successful project for our client from the grounds throughout the whole project” and project will focus to the new solid-fuel biomass plant.

For more information contact Marko Borg, +358 40 556 1067





Environmental know-how for Kalajoen Lämpö district heating plants

Our experts will identify the necessary modifications needed for Kalajoki Lämpö plants regarding the requirements of environmental protection, as well as 750/2013 PIPO-regulation (Finnish act) requirements of registration.




Project and engineering services for Valmet power plant projects

To read more about Valmet, click here.

For more about our work for Valmet contact Marko Borg, +358 40 5561 067



Conveyor service work

MAB Powertec designed and carried out a conveyor revision. The work was completed on time in early June.

During the winter MAB Powertec finalized the planning aimed at improving the usability of biomass conveyor and was responsible for the implementation of revision. MAB Powertec Tuomo Renkonen was responsible for project management, planning and supervision of the construction site. The erection work was done by MAB Powertec subcontractor HM Steel. The work was completed on schedule and the necessary modifications were implemented in close cooperation with the customer.

For more information about the project contact Tuomo Renkonen, +358 40 8255 907.